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Can I Pursue a Part Time B.Tech after Getting My Diploma?

Short Description -When beginning to look for a solution, you should first ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the BTech Part-Time program. The Bachelor of Technology (BTech) part-time programs were developed for students who are interested in pursuing an engineering degree but are unable to attend regular sessions owing to personal or professional obligations.

Table of Contents

  • Course Description
  • Is Part-Time B.Tech Approved By AICTE?
  • How Long Are the Courses for a Part-Time Bachelor of Technology?
  • Eligibility Criteria For B.Tech Programs Offered Part-Time
  • B.Tech Part-Time After Diploma
  • BTech Specializations Available for Part-Time study
  • Top B.Tech Part-Time Colleges For Diploma Holders In India
  • Opportunities After Part-Time B.Tech
  • Conclusion
  • FAQ

Course Description

The length of the Diploma partb timeprogram ranges from four to five years, depending on the educational institution. This class is comparable to the one taken for the BTech degree. The only thing that sets apart BTech part-time from normal BTech courses is that the lessons for the part-time BTech courses will be held on the weekends.

While the classes for the regular BTech courses will be held on a consistent basis. The Bachelor of Technology (BTech) Part-Time course is often pursued by working individuals who are keen to establish a career for themselves in the area of engineering after finishing their 10+2 or diploma but are unable to give up their employment in order to continue their education full-time.

Is Part-Time B.Tech Approved By AICTE?

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has granted permission for individuals to pursue both a job and a part-time engineering study at the same time, although a conventional B.Tech student is not authorized to have a job while pursuing their education. B.Tech Regular is a campus-based program that requires students to attend courses every day from morning till evening. B.Tech Part-Time students, on the other hand, Diploma for Working Professionalsare required to attend lessons after office hours and have the option of attending weekend batches to assure complete attendance.

Because an aspirant may receive theoretical and practical knowledge simultaneously while taking part in a BTech part-time course, this is the reason why it is claimed that you will "earn while you study" in a BTech part-time program. These courses are taught by professors who are, for the most part, industry experts with several years of experience, particularly in the field, which is advantageous for students majoring in business technology because these professors are aware of the most recent developments in their field's industry, as well as upgrades and updates to the relevant knowledge.

How Long Are the Courses for a Part-Time Bachelor of Technology?

A Part-Time Bachelor of Technology degree typically takes between four and five years to complete, however this time frame varies from institution to university. Each topic covered in the part-time Bachelor of Technology in Engineering program is broken up into two parts: assignments and exams. Students are responsible for turning in their work well in advance of any exams. Exams are given on a semester-by-semester basis once every six months, and there is no provision for failing grades.

Eligibility Criteria For B.Tech Programs Offered Part-Time The following is a list of the qualifying requirements for the BTech Part Time program:

  • 10+2 with the topics of physics, mathematics, and chemistry from a board that is recognized.
  • The BTech Part-Time program is open to diploma holders who have completed the required specialized coursework.
  • B.Tech Part-Time After Diploma

The AICTE rules state that those who already possess an engineering diploma are qualified to apply for the BTech part-time degree. Students need to get a passing score on an entrance examination that is given on a national basis in order to be admitted into the part-time BTech program.After passing the entrance test, the next step for students is to choose a Distance Diploma college of their choosing that will accept them into the program they are interested in and apply for it. You have the option of continuing your education by enrolling in the BTech Part-time course in the same area of concentration in which you earned your diploma.

BTech Specializations Available for Part-Time study

A Bachelor of Technology (BTech) degree may be earned on a part-time basis in a variety of concentrations. The following are some of the most prevalent areas of concentration for students taking this course:

  • Part-Time B.Tech Civil Engineering
  • Part Time B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
  • Part Time B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Part Time B.Tech Computer Science Engineering
  • Part Time B.Tech Mechanical & Automobile Engineering

Top B.Tech Part-Time Colleges For Diploma Holders In India

The following is a list of some of the most prestigious Top Diploma college for partime in India, that offer part tine courses.

    • International Institute of Management and Technical Studies (IIMT), Delhi 83.7 K
    • International Institute of Management and Technical Studies (IIMT), Bangalore 83.7 K
    • Delhi Degree College, Badarpur 12.5 K
    • Aryabhatta Degree College, Delhi 14 K
    • International Institute of Management and Technical Studies (IIMT), Hyderabad 83.7 K
    • Mangalayatan University - Semester Fees (per semester) : INR 36,000
    • Lingayas University 1.25 L
    • S.V University 1.2 L
    • Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Aligarh 15.69 K
    • Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU), Nashik 4 K

Opportunities After Part-Time B.Tech

Candidates who have finished an engineering diploma from Distance university For part time Diplomaand entered the workforce on a diploma basis are likely to reach a point in their careers when they are unable to advance because they lack a Bachelor of Technology degree. They will not be eligible for promotions that lead to management positions.

On the other side, a B.Tech engineer with 1-2 years of experience would earn more increments and growth in comparison to a Diploma holder, and it is a foolish idea to leave the existing position in order to pursue BTech since work experience is equally important.But today, thanks to the BTech part-time program, those who have already obtained a diploma have the opportunity to get the degree of BTech without having to quit their occupations, allowing them to advance more quickly in their chosen field.


If you're looking for a top BTech institution in India, you may use this list to narrow down your options. Also, the Supreme Court of India has stated that the distance BTech programme is not a recognised course. We use the term "distance BTech" for courses like "BTech for Working Professionals," "BTech Lateral Entry," and "Btech Evening" and "Part-Time BTech" that meet the requirements of UGC-DEB and AICTE.


    Is a Bachelor of Technology degree earned via online and distant study legitimate in India? According to the decisions of the Supreme Court and the University Grants Commission, the Bachelor of Technology degree earned via distant learning is not recognised anywhere in India.What Does It Cost to Get a Bachelor's Degree in Technology in India? The tuition for a Bachelor of Technology degree in India may run anywhere from 65,000 rupees to 8.5 lakhs.How many schools of engineering are there in India, and how many of those institutions provide engineering programs? There are a large number of engineering institutions in India, both public and private, that provide students with the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Technology degree.

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