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B Tech part-time is an AICTE-approved course that is acceptable. It is split into eight semesters over four years. Engineering (BTech part-time) is one of India's most challenging technical courses, owing to the promotion of education in the country. 

Table of Contents

  • Top Part-Time BTech Colleges In India
  • What is Part-Time BTech?
  • Duration Of Part-Time BTech
  • Part-Time BTech Specialization
  • Eligibility Criteria Of Part-Time BTech
  • Career After Part-Time BTech
  • Conclusion Of Part-Time BTech
  • FAQs Of Part-Time BTech

Top Part-Time BTech Colleges In India

More than 4000 engineering institutes in India, including government and private universities. Many universities in various states in India provide the BTech part-time course in multiple specializations.

The eligibility measures for taking Admission in BTech part-time course is that the student must have satisfied any diploma certificate in any specialization connected to engineering from an acknowledged institute. Let's go through India's best colleges that provide part-time BTech courses to students.


Private Part-Time Engineering Colleges in India

Course Fee (in Rs)

International Institute of Management and Technical Studies (IIMT), Delhi

83.7 K

International Institute of Management and Technical Studies (IIMT), Bangalore

83.7 K

´╗┐Mangalayatan University

35 K

Aryabhatta Degree College, Delhi

14 K

International Institute of Management and Technical Studies (IIMT), Hyderabad

83.7 K

Shri Venkateshwara University, Gajraula


Lingayas University


University of Technology, Rajasthan



What is Part-Time BTech?

B Tech part-time is an AICTE-approved course that is entirely acceptable. It is split into eight semesters over four years. Engineering (BTech part-time) is one of India's most challenging technical courses, owing to the advancement of education in the country. BTech Part-time is the ideal answer for students and working experts who have been unable to enrol in a traditional BTech programme due to personal limitations. Whatever the reason, people were unable to follow technical education due to the rigidity of conventional programmes.

However, this part-time BTech provided program flexibility. BTech part-time sessions are held at times and on timely schedules for non-traditional students. The primary reason for the favour the BTech for Part-Time study is the technical exposure, competitive wage package, job satisfaction, growth prospects, and the class program that does not interfere with their everyday life circumstances. If you are passionate about the technical investigation, BTech Part-Time is the ideal choice for you.

Indeed, BTech for Part-Time is a group of specialized programmes, not an available course. As a student, you must select a speciality that corresponds to your area of curiosity, as each specialization in BTech part-time has its bonuses and disadvantages. Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, and Automobile Engineering are some of the most famous BTech Part-Time fields.

The BTech Part-Time program's lesson structure delivers technical, theoretical, and industry details. The BTech for Part-Time scholars programme is structured into eight semesters. Each semester contains practical and laboratory experiences and the final semester includes industrial training that prepares students to enter the workforce. As a result, BTech Part-Time is the most suitable job-guaranteed curriculum available.

This is the period of competency-based education. The Indian government promotes students who have domain-specific abilities, and BTech Part Time is undoubtedly one of the most critical skill-oriented degrees available.

Duration Of Part-Time BTech

BTech part-time is a four-year schedule. The four-year B Tech part-time degree is broken into eight semesters. A part-time BTech student is exposed to theoretical and experimental engineering knowledge during these four years.

Part-Time BTech Specialization

BTech Part-Time has a variety of things that regular BTech also has. Several of the most popular specializations for


BTech Part-Time include the following:

  • BTech Part-Time in Mechanical Engineering
  • BTech Part-Time in Civil Engineering
  • BTech Part-Time in Electronics and Communication
  • BTech Part-Time in Electrical
  • BTech Part-Time in Computer Science

Eligibility Criteria Of Part-Time BTech

The eligibility criteria for Btech Part Time are listed as follows:-

  • 10+2 passed from an identified board with Physics, Maths and Chemistry as the subjects.
  • A diploma holder of the appropriate specialization is also suitable for the Btech Part-Time.

Career After Part-Time BTech

MNCs / Private Sector – Vast jobs are available in the private sector. They provide a good amount of salary in all the engineering streams. Getting a career in the private sector comes with its challenges.

PSUs/ Public Service Undertaking – Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs)are government companies. These companies conduct their separate exams for recruitment. Some of these organizations are ISRO, DRDO, and NIC (National informatics centre.) Some PSUs provide opportunities based on their GATE score. The syllabus for all these exams is based upon the B—Tech for Working Professionals Curriculum.

Entrepreneurship is a procedure of designing, beginning, and running a new business; for example, starting a company with a new business, the idea, how you will demonstrate your product, and how you will get a client.

Conclusion Of Part-Time BTech

This article has mentioned the famous engineering colleges of different states offering Part-Time B Tech courses. The students must fulfil the minimum eligibility criteria for getting Admission to the BTech Part-Time course in the best college. The fee structure of the part-time course is a bit lower, and only those candidates can apply for the class who have completed their 10+2 with the science stream.

FAQs Of Part-Time BTech

 Is Part-Time B Tech Authorized By AICTE (All India Council For Technical Education)?

Yes, part-time B Tech is authorized by AICTE.

 Is a part-time BTech the right choice?

Yes, if you are working and pursuing Btech simultaneously, BTech Part-time is a good option.

 What is the education fee For B.Tech part-time Admission?

The Btech part-time course fee structure is less than the normal BTech course. The fees lie between Rs. 50,000 – 2,00,000 per annum for all Government & Private colleges.


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