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Rajasthan State Open School

Rajasthan State Open School

Rajasthan is well known for its education. In Rajasthan, state open school is established for the student's welfare for the needy students who are not financially sound to provide them state open school.

This Rajasthan open state schools have started on 21 March2005. It will allow us to learn and grasp things according to our own Will and faith. There are four hundred and forty-one Centre where you can take admission In Rajasthan state, open school is a good amount to help people across Rajasthan.

Rajasthan state open school has made it easy for Rajasthani people by giving them this medium of examination and without spending the whole day in lecture to continue their work and learn, even they are allowed now to give examination in their native language.

Their syllabus and academics are different from CBSE and ICSE. They recommend different books and syllabi. It is a government board of education that provides secondary education.

There are no age boundaries there, and on this board, the examination is held two times a year.

This is a government-registered institution.

For the regulations and rules, a team was built, for which the President of the Governing Council constituted to take policy decisions, Honourable Education Minister, Government of Rajasthan and Chairman of the Executive Board constituted for the implementation of policy decisions, Honourable Principal Secretary to the Government, School and Sanskrit Education, Rajasthan.

The registration number 751 has been done On 21 march in 2005 by Rajasthan act No.281958.this schooling system provides opportunities to everyone out there to educate them and to be better.

Their priorities are to give education to women and girls, rural area people, the men and women who used to work for earnings. These all kinds of a human sometimes don't get the opportunity to educate them because of the system and culture, but Rajasthan state open schools help them out.

In high school, out of fifteen, you can choose any five subjects of your choice; similarly, in intermediate out of twenty, you can choose any five of your choice. But for the examination purpose, Maths and English are compulsory.,/p>

The minimum age limit for high school is 15, and above that age, anyone can give register And continue their education.

The state open schools need the transfer of credit in max two subjects; similarly, in a recognized board like CBSE, there is the transfer of credit in Four subjects.

Instead of everything, they still need guidance, and for that, in a year, once 15 days, personal contact programs are organized to get guidance from the subject teacher.

In this state, open school Examinations were held two times a year first time in October-November and the Second time in March-April. If a candidate registers one time in a year, he or she gets nine chances in five years to pass.

The certificates of the 10th and 12th grant by the Rajasthan state, open schools are equivalent to CBSE and similarly recognized by the Central and state government. Even if anyone wants to work in the Railway Board and Army, then also this certificate is recognized; no one there can differentiate and discriminate based on the certificate provided by state open schools. They are all similar with values.

When people join these open schools in their hard and critical circumstances, it strengthens the candidate and increases their knowledge; there is a self-motivated to do other tasks. It makes their life better and increases self-confidence.

Easy access to education

only Literacy didn't define education, even throughout our lives we learn a lot of things, even sometimes life makes us learn that things Which even class will never be going to teach open school and us is a concept which fits in this.

Even our experience turns into knowledge. Information is not knowledge, and many people and students feel very bonded in the classrooms they don't like that concept, but they have no choice, but for them, this system is flexible, and they learn better.

In this system, there is no fixed teacher. Anyone can make you learn anything, and I also think that this is a more innovative and creative way to learn anything in this big world.

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