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Bachelor course

After 12th grade, a student can choose from a variety of courses. A diploma, degree, or certificate programme is available. Some people believe that each of these courses is inferior or superior to the others. This is a misconception; all three types of courses are excellent. None of the courses are better or worse than the others. If you want to pursue a degree course, you need first understand that degree courses are not confined to engineering or medicine; there are a variety of different degree courses available, such as, B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Com, BBA, B.Ed., M.Ed., and so on. Therefore, before joining any degree course, make sure that you know at least 5 or 6 different courses. Most people enrol in a course because they believe their options are limited. As of today, there are more than ten or fifteen major degree courses, each of which has a speciality, totalling more than fifty various degree courses.

List of India's Best Bachelor course

Here is a list of the top 5 Best Bachelor course in India that you might want to look into. Remember, their courses are well-known, and they may lead to lucrative employment opportunities.

1. Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Masters in Business Administration BBA/MBA

Management courses are among the best degree programmes available in India today. Graduates of this degree have a wide range of job opportunities, which are not confined to India but also extend internationally. While BBA is a UG programme, it is open to those who have completed their 12th grade. Applicants with a bachelor's degree, on the other hand, may be interested in the MBA programme. Both the BBA and MBA are always among the degree programmes that lead to improved job opportunities and a more attractive wage package for graduates. Because both the BBA and MBA are three-year programmes, it takes six years to earn a BBA+MBA degree. However, the individual should enrol in a reputable university and gain as much managerial knowledge as possible during the course. Eligibility criteria: To study BBA, an individual must have completed their 12th grade and chosen the commerce track. An aspirant for an MBA programme must have a bachelor's degree.

2.Engineering bachelor's and master's degrees BE/ME

Engineering is one of the oldest and most intriguing degree programmes in India today, whether it be a bachelor's or master's degree. Engineers have a wide range of responsibilities all throughout the world. Mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical, computer, electronics and communication, and many others are among the engineering courses available. If you want to take an engineering course, you should first learn about the various engineering courses available and then enrol in one that interests you. The bachelor of engineering (B.Tech.) is a four-year programme, while the master of engineering is a three-year programme. To peruse both BE and ME the candidate would need 7-years in total.

Eligibility criteria

–To pursue B.E/B.Tech, an applicant must have completed 12th grade with a minimum of 50% or hold a valid credential for lateral admission. In 11th and 12th grades, I should have chosen PCM/PCMB. The applicant must have a B.E/B.Tech degree in order to pursue M.E/M.Tech.

A bachelor's degree in computer science and a master's degree in computer science are both available. BCA/MCA

Some people believe that BCA is inferior to B.E Computer Science or IT because they are unable to pursue an engineering course; nevertheless, this is incorrect. Many computer and IT industries consider BCA and B.E computer or IT engineers to be equal candidates for the same position. The need for computer application bachelor's degree graduates is expected to grow in the future years. This degree programme is an excellent fit for you if you want to work with computers. After graduating with a BCA, you could pursue a master's degree in the same field. While BCA is a four-year undergraduate programme, MCA is a three-year postgraduate programme. Both BCA and BCA students have job options.

Eligibility criteria

The applicant must have completed 12th grade in order to pursue BCA. He/she should have majored in a field that included computer science as a fundamental subject. An applicant for MCA should have at least a bachelor's degree.

4. A bachelor's degree in fashion, web design, or interior design is required.

Are you a creative individual with advanced or intermediate abilities? If you answered yes, you should look into bachelor's degrees in web design, interior design, or fashion design. Remember that each of these courses is distinct; fashion is concerned with materials, style, and the fashion industry; web design is concerned with the creation of web sites; and interior design is concerned with civil engineering. An interior designer's job is to design a building's interior to meet the wants of the consumer. All three courses necessitate a high level of inventiveness and aesthetic ability. There are also other streams such as multimedia design, game design, textile design, graphic design, and so on. Before enrolling in this type of degree programme, you should first learn about each subject and then choose one based on your talents and skills.

5. BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication)

The mass communication sector is rapidly expanding, and with it comes the expansion of mass communication journalism, which expands job prospects and the presence of multinational companies in the field in India. This course may be of interest to you if you have a background in journalism and want to pursue a career as a journalist. A bachelor's degree in mass communication focuses on how to convince and influence the public's behaviour, attitude, emotion, and opinion in the long and short term. Similarly, journalism is all about obtaining information from a variety of sources and extracting facts from people. Are you interested in pursuing such a career path? Then, peruse this course.

Eligibility- To pursue a career in mass communication or journalism, an applicant must have completed their 12th grade in any subject. A bachelor's degree and work experience are required to specialise in the field of mass communication or journalism.

Top Courses

2 Years/1 Year
Bachelor courses AVG. FEE - 1,00,000/Yr
3 Years/ 4 Years
2 Years/ 1 Year
Ph.D Research Courses AVG. FEE - 1,00,000/Yr
3 Years
Integrated Courses AVG. FEE - 1,00,000/Yr
M.Phil Courses AVG. FEE - 1,00,000/Yr
1.5 Years/1 Year