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Conclusively, oceans of opportunities are available for M.Tech post-graduates in plethora of technical fields.´╗┐


Engineering as a discipline dedicates using the ‘Logical’, to find creative solutions to problems related to the environment and infrastructure.

There is no section of the society which has been untouched to massive feats achieved by engineers solving day-to-day problems, implementing concepts learnt with experience and in-depth study of the discipline, on fields ranging from medicine to creating art.

Engineering has been continuously evolving and giving wings to realities that were just a question that someone asked on good-fated day.

Engineering as a discipline

Engineering as a discipline, provides instruction to students in combining individuality of design with scientific analysis to develop new products, techniques and make modifications in the existing ones.

Engineering graduates are always in great demand, and it is stipulated that this demand will continue to increase by up to 24%, in the coming decade.

Masters in Engineering (M.Tech)

M.Tech is an advanced, post-graduate level degree, and is one of the most sought-after courses by research enthusiasts, and students wanting to work in technological research, enabling them to explore the diverse vocations of technology.

Masters in Engineering is a professional degree course and aims to impart knowledge about design elements of composite materials, and being able to perform computational functions with mechanical systems and modeling, giving practical exposure to the student. The degree also combines studying old engineering methods along with the upcoming ones to learn from past mistakes, and provide further perspective into the future of machines.

Part-Time M.Tech – Duration and Eligibility

For working professionals who are unable to leave their jobs, and still want to pursue a Masters’ degree in Engineering, a Part-time degree course is perfect, as classes are held on weekends or in late evenings, and will not interfere with current job commitments.

A part-time degree holds as much merit as a full-time degree, with diverse options of specializations to choose from as well, taking your career to new heights, with sky as the limit.

Different universities have individual eligibility criteria’s for M Tech part-time programmes.

Basic eligibility to get admission into the M Tech course requires the aspirant to possess a B.Tech or BE degree from a recognized university.

Some universities also conduct entrance exams for the same, while some universities offer direct admissions based on graduation marks.

The general requirements for the course is as follows,

Duration: 2-Years

Eligibility: At least 50-6-% marks in Graduation

It is a good practice for any aspirant to check the specific College or University Eligibility criterion before applying.

Colleges Offering Part-Time M.Tech Degree

In India, considering the massively increasing work-force, many AICTE approved universities and colleges are coming forward now to offer part-time master’s level degrees to working professionals.


Top Part-Time Colleges for M.Tech



Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

New Delhi


Annamalai University

Tamil Nadu


´╗┐Mangalayatan University



SV University



Karnataka State Open University



Mahatma Gandhi University



Birla Institute of Technology (NITs)



Scope and Growth

M.Tech degree course requires the students to have certain set of intrinsic skill, which will help in enhancing their creative mindsets and offer and edge of competitiveness in comparison to those pursuing it full-time with a lot more time on their hands.

The growth curve holds great potential as a candidate who possesses a master’s degree is thought to be more requisite for a specialized field job, and is not limited by anything. Also, adding a masters’ degree will add more points to the aspirants’ job profile and career graph.

Career and Job Opportunities

A Masters’ degree in Engineering will surely add a feather to one’s resume, shooting up the chances of landing a fantastic first job opportunity.

Both the government and private sectors are diverse with postgraduate engineering job opportunities, pertaining to kaleidoscope of profiles, in various specializations.

There are abundant job options with good salaries. Below listed are areas of specialization one can opt for,

®     Research

®     Development

®     Coding

®     Planning

®     Designing

®     Construction

®     Machinery

®     Maintenance

Engineering encapsulates testing methods to arrive at practical solutions significant to cost and performance. The vast scope of evolution in technology ensures high demand for engineers and, M.Tech post-graduates jobs salary usually begins at about Rs. 50,000 per month or more, going into much larger numbers over years of work experience.

Top government hiring companies are,

®     HPCL (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited)

®     DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization)

®     National Institute of Plane Genome Research, among many others.

Apart from these many private companies hiring are,

Bosch, Mahindra & Mahindra, Renault-Nissan, Hyundai, Royal Enfield, MRF, JK Tires, Blue Star, Apple etc.



Top Courses

2 Years/1 Year
Bachelor courses AVG. FEE - 1,00,000/Yr
3 Years/ 4 Years
2 Years/ 1 Year
Ph.D Research Courses AVG. FEE - 1,00,000/Yr
3 Years
Integrated Courses AVG. FEE - 1,00,000/Yr
M.Phil Courses AVG. FEE - 1,00,000/Yr
1.5 Years/1 Year