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Part Time MBA Programs in India - Unlimited guidelines 2023

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There is sometimes a great deal of strain and anxiety involved when it comes to accomplishing one's objectives and living up to one's own lofty expectations. Individuals who are now enrolled in postgraduate programmes are the only ones who really comprehend this concept. Students pursuing master's degrees, in particular, have the courage and the will to persevere through many challenging academic programmes in order to turn their ambitions become a reality.

Table of Contents

    • Course Description
    • The top universities in India offering MBA programs on a part-time basis
    • How to Pick the Best MBA Colleges Offering Part-Time Programs in India
    • Eligibility requirements and the application procedure for the best part-time MBA programs at India's top universities
    • Assistance in Finding Employment Following the Course
    • List of part time MBA colleges in India
    • FAQ

Course Description

Although pursuing a master's degree may seem daunting, there are a variety of delivery methods, subject areas, and course structures to choose from. Thousands of schools around the nation now offer MBA programmes that may be completed in a part-time schedule. Many students in these programmes are already juggling a full-time job with their studies, so they are obviously excellent at multitasking.MBA programmes that may be completed in less time than a full-time commitment is designed with your schedule in mind but yet adhere to the same rigorous requirements as their full-time counterparts. Depending on the institution and the student's preferences, classes may be held in the evenings, on weekends, entirely online, or in a hybrid format.

The top universities in India offering MBA programmes on a part-time basis

A career following obtaining an MBA is often fascinating and demanding. MBA programmes are pursued by students from a wide variety of backgrounds. However, many individuals do not have the option to participate in a business course that is offered on a full-time basis because of responsibilities such as working full-time or being a housewife.

The number of people who want to take classes in their spare time has increased dramatically. According to AISHE, a distance MBA may be completed in aenrolment accounts for around 11.0% of the total number of students enrolled in higher education. In addition, there has been a rise, over the course of the years, in the number of people taking business classes in their spare time.

Those who are working professionals or those who are unable to enrol in a full-time degree in business management may now take advantage of the fact that many highly regarded MBA universities now offer part-time MBA programmes. JBIMS in Mumbai, ISB in Hyderabad, IIM in Bangalore, and MDI in Gurgaon are just few of the best universities in India that offer part-time MBA programmes. You may see a list of part-time MBA institutions in India, together with their tuition costs, entrance requirements, and other relevant information, in the following article.

How to Pick the Best MBA Colleges Offering Part-Time Programs in India

MBA schools that provide business management classes on a part-time basis are not hard to come by at all. It is currently quite simple to choose the most suitable college in India for doing a part-time MBA due to the abundance of institutions that provide this kind of education. When selecting a top part-time MBA institution in India, the following are some considerations to keep in mind.


Before enrolling in a part-time MBA programme at a college, it is important to familiarise oneself with the curriculum of the course. The finest universities in India that provide part-time MBA programmes have a curriculum that is industry-specific. The curriculum was developed by professionals with experience in the field. Convenience: The course is designed primarily for those who are already employed, and as it meets on weekends, students do not need to request time off from their employers in order to participate.


The most beneficial aspect of enrolling in one of India's top universities offering part-time MBA programmes is the opportunity to expand one's professional network. An MBA programme at an institution like this will provide you with opportunity to network with the other working people you will encounter throughout the course.


Despite the fact that the price of a part-time MBA will vary from institution to college, it should be possible to purchase one. Even the tuition for elite part-time MBA programmes in India, such as those offered by XLRI Jamshedpur, IIM Bangalore, and IIM Ahmedabad, may cost anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 Indian Rupees.

Eligibility requirements and the application procedure for the best part-time MBA programmes at India's top universities

Admission to the finest part time MBA institutions in India, much like admission to the best online MBA programmes, is solely based on academic records and industry experience. However, there are a few universities in India that offer part-time MBA programmes, such as MDI Gurugram, that do admit students based on their scores on management entrance tests like the CAT and the GMAT.

Candidates must satisfy the following admission standards in order to get entry into one of India's best part-time MBA colleges:

      • Candidates are expected to have prior experience in the sector.
      • Have a three-year degree from an institution that is recognized by the UGC.
      • Assistance in Finding Employment Following the Course

Even though part-time MBA programmes in India cannot promise graduates a job, many of them do provide excellent opportunity to network with other working professionals. In addition, this is of immense assistance while looking for work.

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