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Integrated course

Would like to spend less time and money on your studies while maintaining the same level of quality? The solution to current education is Integrated Studies. After class 12, students can choose an integrated course, which combines two courses into one. Integrated courses might be made up of two bachelor's level courses or undergraduate and postgraduate courses. These courses combine two courses into a single degree.

The Advantages of Integrated Courses

More Possibilities Integrated courses allow students to pursue multiple interests at the same time. An engineering student can enrol in an integrated course that includes management, which can broaden the student's knowledge and expose him to new work opportunities.

    • Time is saved: Students benefit from integrated courses since they save time. A bachelor's degree takes three years to complete. A master's degree can take two to three years to complete, depending on the course. Integrated classes can save you a year. In five years, students will have completed both courses.
    • Saves Money: Going through the admissions process again can be time-consuming and costly. The expense of admission to different universities/institutions is eliminated with Integrated.

Top Integrated Courses in India and Around the WorldThe numerous integrated courses, as well as the universities/colleges that offer them, are listed below. Take a look at this link:

      • LLB + B.A.
      • MBA + BBA
      • + is a combination of and
      • B.Ed + BSc
      • B.Sc. + M.Sc.
      • LLB + BSc
      • MBA + B.Com
      • MA + BA
      • LLB + B.Com
      • ACCA + B.Com

Popular Post-Secondary Integrated CoursesAre you seeking for integrated courses in the field of commerce? After 12th grade, here is a list of popular integrated courses. commerce:

      • MBA +BBA
      • LLB + BCom
      • CIMA + BCom
      • CMA + BCom
      • ACCA + BCom

Popular Post-Secondary Arts Integrated Courses

After 12th grade, students in the arts can enrol in a variety of courses. For your convenience, below is a selection of popular integrated courses:

      • English BA + MA
      • History bachelor's and master's degrees
      • Political Science (BA + MA)
      • Sociology (BA + MA)
      • LLB + BA
      • Popular Post-Secondary Science Integrated Courses

These courses are popular in both streams, whether they are PCM or PCMB. Following is a selection of popular integrated courses for students who have completed 12th grade science:

      • Computer Science BSc + MSc
      • Economics BSc + MSc
      • Biotechnology (BSc + MSc)
      • Mathematics (Bsc + MSc)
      • LLB + BSc

Top Courses

2 Years/1 Year
Bachelor courses AVG. FEE - 1,00,000/Yr
3 Years/ 4 Years
2 Years/ 1 Year
Ph.D Research Courses AVG. FEE - 1,00,000/Yr
3 Years
Integrated Courses AVG. FEE - 1,00,000/Yr
M.Phil Courses AVG. FEE - 1,00,000/Yr
1.5 Years/1 Year