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National Institute of Open Schooling is an autonomous institution under the Govt. Ministry of Education. Initiated in the year 1979 as a project by the Central Board of Secondary Education. Further, it has merged into the National Open school that has been entrusted the business of examining and certifying the students up to pre-degree level. The main objective of this board is directed towards providing high-quality education through distance learning systems, targeting minorities and the underprivileged children in the population


The absolute mission of this board as stated by the government of India involves:

  • Providing relevant education up to pre-degree level through Open and Distance Learning System
  • Reaching the unreached


National Institute of Open Schooling, New Delhi has the incredible vision of "Sustainable inclusive learning with universal and flexible access to quality school education and skill development". This provides academic education at both basic and secondary levels. Provides scope for vocational training. Keenly promotes research and development among the students and encourages their active participation in projects. In addition to this, it also provides teacher training and learner support services.


Among the List of Open Boards across India, that totals to about 73àNational Institute of Open Schooling are recognized as a top open board next to the Central Board of Secondary Education. There are various Open Boards corresponding to each state, but this institute ranks amongst the top due to its enriched quality of education and research accomplishments. Most importantly it's recognized and approved by almost all universities and educational institutions. ADMISSION PROCESS

The admission into NIOS is broadly provided under the streams: Stream 1(Block 2), On-Demand, and NEPIA (Army only). Candidates seeking to clear the class 10 and 12 examinations can apply under this stream to write their exams by March/April 2022. The stream 2 admission is for the candidates who have appeared on other boards but couldn’t clear the examinations. Failed mark sheets, passport size photos, and guardian details are required under this stream. Stream 3 covers a very special On-Demand Examination System. Admission for this stream is open throughout the year and is mainly directed to students who have cleared secondary education and are willing to upgrade or update their qualifications. The online application form can be filled out from their official website( along with all the necessary relevant documents corresponding to the stream of choice.


The most important dates as of now are as mentioned below, for further updates about the admission dates of the National Institute of Open Schooling, New Delhi,stay tuned to


This government-authorized open school board is the most authentic and the largest Open School. Over the years, since its establishment, it has tremendously developed and educated more than 2.59 billion students. The educational certificates issued from the NIOS have equal weightage in comparison to the other boards like the Central Board of Secondary Education. UNESCO International Literacy Prize was Awarded to NIOS for Innovation in Education, National Award for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Ncpedp Mphasis Universal Design Awards 2012, Web Ratna Awards include the prestigious accomplishments of this institution.


The National Institute of Open Schooling has a wonderful web portal library to find and get books to study based on the titles, subject, authors, and years of publishing. The link to the official portal is .Each course material is available online in pdf format for the corresponding courses. The link to access is The books of all the subjects can be downloaded as a zip file and extracted. This can be saved on drives and systems, for reference anytime. Another choice is reading the books in DAISY format after installing DAISY 2.0.


The following programs are available to the students in Open Distance Learning mode:

  • Secondary Education Course
  • Senior Secondary Education Course
  • Vocational Education Courses/Programmes
  • Life Enrichment Programmes

Top Courses

2 Years/1 Year
Bachelor courses AVG. FEE - 1,00,000/Yr
3 Years/ 4 Years
2 Years/ 1 Year
Ph.D Research Courses AVG. FEE - 1,00,000/Yr
3 Years
Integrated Courses AVG. FEE - 1,00,000/Yr
M.Phil Courses AVG. FEE - 1,00,000/Yr
1.5 Years/1 Year